Craig Rutledge - V5R1 Open Source AS/400 Tools (JCRCMDS V5R1)

So you have not installed V5R4 yet. Not a problem if you are on V5R1 or better.

Single v5r1 utilies can be downloaded and installed. Installation instructions are included in the downloaded text. Each utility is zipped in a well-formed, valid XML document containing source members, object creation commands, installation guide, and an installer program. The installer reads the XML, parses out source members to appropriate source files, then creates the utility objects. The same installer works for all utilities.

If you are getting more than one of these utilties, then installation of the download text is simple with the XMLPREVIEW command. Upload the file, then execute the XMLPREVIEW command for automatic installs.

JCRANZD - Print DSPF Fields Report
JCRANZO - Print OSPEC Fields Report
JCRANZP - Print PRTF Fields Report
JCRLOG - Select Previously Executed Commands
JCRDQD - Retrieve Dataq Description
JCRIND - Display Indicators Used
JCRSO - Quick File Keys-Select/Omit Display
JCRDBR - Expanded Data Base Relations
JCROBJD - Expanded Object Descriptions
JCRFFD - Print File Field Descriptions
JCRNOTPOP - List Fields Not Populated
JCRFJOBDQ - Find JOBDs using selected JOBQ
JCRLKEY - Find Desired Access Path
JCRKLIST - Generate RPGLE source KLIST opcodes from selected file.
JCRPRTF - Generate external Print File DDS source
JCRNUMB - RPG Source Structure Numbering
JCRRDENT - Indented RPG Source Listing
JCRBND - List Procedure Names
JCRSUBR -Print Subroutine Structure Listing
JCRJOB - List Job Names with Options
JCRSPLF - List Spool Files with Options
JCRDTAARA - List Data Area Values and Rollover Distances
JCRLOBJ - List of Objects - Example
JCRLSRC - List Program Source/Module Information
JCROLCK - List Jobs with Object Locks
JCRCALL - Command Prompt Entry Parms
JCRRECRT - Recreate Command
JCRRFLD - Lengths of Fields Used in RPG
JCRRFIL - Record Format / File Name Xref
JCR4MAX - Modify RPG source to Eval
JCR4PROTO - Generate Prototyped RPGLE
JCR5FPRT - Print RPG columnar and /Free source
JCR5FREE - Generate /FREE from v4 RPGLE
JCRFD - Retrieve File Description
JCRSMLT - Scan Multiple Files / Strings
JCRFSET - Scan File Set Where Used
JCRSSQL - Scan Interactive SQL sessions
JCRNETFF - Send Multiple Network Files/Multiple To Userids
JCRNETFM - Send Multiple Network Members/Multiple To Userids
JCRNETQ - Send Network Outq
JCRUSPACE - Display User Space Command
XMLGEN - Generate XML download members
XMLPREVIEW - Preview XML before install
XMLSVIEW - View xmlgen script member in subfile
XMLSRCFIL - All source file mbrs to single XML mbr

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Last modified February 9th, 2008.