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BATTLESHIP It started as a simple program for testing functions as two dimensional array indexes. Got way out of hand and mutated into full blown game pitting you against my attack routines and the awesome power of the iSeries.
BLACKJACK Beat the house with this version of 21. Three dimensional array indexing function forms the card faces.
CRIBBAGE The most complex non-linear game code ever written for the iSeries. Unique hand scoring system shows card sets and point values. Robust strategy optimization routines.   If you like Cribbage, you will be amazed by this game. (darn thing often beats me!)
PYRAMID Pyramid variation of Solitaire for the iSeries!. Addictive fun. Select all pairs of cards scoring 13 to win. I use this game when I am thinking.
VIDEOPOKER Uses a hash table and the random number API to sort a deck of cards. Also uses the concept of implicitly defined arrays as DS subfields of defined arrays.
TICTACTOE 2d array indexing example.
YAHTZEE Classic dice game
MINE SWEEPER If you are not careful, BUMM! A game by Tibor Erdos in Hungary. Notice the cool F9 button that lets you switch between English and Magyar.

Execute command JCRGAMES which allows execution of all these game programs from a menu!

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My best Pyramid game ever. Notice the 'Cards in Deck' = 16. This means I only had to turn up one card to complete the Pyramid! If you ever win a game with out turning up any cards, send me a screen shot and I will post it here.


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